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Hi my name is Sarah Hansen and I am pleased to be a Distributor of Drink my Coffee in Hawkes Bay, I live in Hastings with my husband I have a daughter and a stepson, along with a Mobility Dog called “Phoenix” an African Gray (Bird) called “Gandalf” and a few more animals.

My physical impairment is Cerebral Palsy and I don’t let it hold me back. I have been a member of the NZ Boccia Team and won a gold medal in the team game in Brazil in 2006.

I am pleased to be a Distributor of Drink My Coffee in Hawkes Bay as I have been trying to gain employment for the last few years, I was a carer for my Mum but she is now in full-time dementia care.

If you enjoy a coffee, try Drink my Coffee as you will also be assisting people with disability succussed in their own businesses.

Contact me and I will be happy to assist you, you can please your order by connecting with me on my Drink My Coffee website or contacting me directly.

I look forward to catching up to talk about your coffee order.

Thanks for your support.

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