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Our Coffee is a 50/50 blend from two premium regions.

Half of the blend is produced by Trilladora Medellin with washed processing.

The other half of the blend comes from the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. The coffee is wash processed. It has some varietal with typica and bourbon.

These fine coffees blended together give fine tasting notes of caramel, brown sugar, malt biscuits and a light acidity.

This is a blend that will delight all who indulge in drinking it.


Coffee is generally at its prime four to five days after roasting, and tastes its best if enjoyed within 10-18 days. This is perfect for our distribution system whereby we ship out the day of roasting so that you will be drinking it at its best. Which means our coffee is much fresher than store-bought coffee, which has already spent a considerable time in storage, in warehouses and then on the shelf.

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The best coffee comes from under-developed countries, where life is very different; infrastructure is basic, there is often political instability, weather systems are more extreme, the business code of ethics is too often inextricably linked to basic survival, and there are a myriad cultural idiosyncrasies at play. Obtaining agricultural crops from these counties comes with a unique set of challenges, which, over many years of business, we have acquired the knowledge to navigate our way through.

In the country of origin we commit to working with one partner only, who sources coffees from a selection of the best local producers. We do not enter into a tender process as we believe this drives down the quality of the coffee and puts the fair return to the farmer and the workers at risk. We only import coffee in 100% organic packaging.

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