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Come Work With Us: Welcome


Join the Drink My Coffee team

We are building a nationwide network of coffee distributors. From Cape Reinga to the Bluff we want every single Kiwi to be able to taste our amazing coffee.

Become a Drink My Coffee distributor

Will I be successful?

What skills does a distributor need to have?

We are at the beginning of our journey, and a template of a successful distributor has not yet been written in stone! Most people do not see themselves as a super-duper salesperson, and you don’t have to be. 

It is far more important to be networked within your own community, and you just have to share your story that you have access to some fantastic, premium quality coffee. 

Your customer can taste it, and then share that information with their friends and family, and then you can supply them. Or, if you cannot physically deliver the coffee to them, they can order online and you make a commission for the sale.

We will share information, tips, and success stories of other distributors so that you can copy what they have done. We will be promoting Drink My Coffee on social media, and to anyone who will listen, and this will create interest on your behalf and new customers will be introduced to you.

Now, some information about you:


Come Work With Us: Job Application
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