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Enabling people with disabilities to create their own business, whilst at the same time creating employment opportunities for other disabled people.

The Market Problem

Many people with disabilities strive for nothing less than being normal, which includes being employed and financially independent.  However, employers do not see their value and capability and this potential is wasted.

The alternative is to create a business opportunity for the disabled person so that they are not reliant upon     

an employer.

We are going to supply premium quality, freshly roasted coffee in a distribution type arrangement. The disabled person can utilise their local networks, and with training and guidance, create a loyal clientele of customers to appreciate a great coffee.

Target Market

Businesses and consumers who enjoy a great coffee, but who buy their coffee from a supermarket - which still has a greater market share than sales from the hospitality trade (café’s etc).

Coffee is best consumed four or five days after roasting once the gases emanating from that process have dissipated. The prime period is then for a further 10 to 18 days, so the idea is to supply people in small quantities

on a regular basis. 

Our Mission : About Us
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