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Rohans story

Rohan has been one of our longest running distributors and a social media pioneer for Drink My Coffee, since joining a year ago in 2020. He has launched a facebook staff group, so the team could better collaborate and communicate with each other around NZ. His ongoing positivity and entrepreneurial spirit has immensely assisted Drink My Coffee staff members and we are proud to have Rohan part of our team. Throughout Rohan’s time with us, he is constantly assisting fellow distributors, giving recommendations, and best of all he uses almost all social media platforms. This has helped Rohan to not only broaden his social media and communications skills, but has helped him to reach his Drink My Coffee customers. He keeps them well informed and is constantly reminding them what the Drink My Coffee cause is all about!

Rohan has helped boost brand awareness for Drink My Coffee, but our main reason for celebrating Rohan is his exemplary work and how this reflects what the Drink My Coffee mission is all about! Rohan has taken full opportunity to improve his employment capabilities! It is for this reason we thought to share Rohan’s point of view on the Drink My Coffee journey so far.

Question: “Tell us about your experience with Drink My Coffee so far?”

Answer: “I am shocked that it has been a year as a North-West Auckland distributor with Drink My Coffee! I worked with Adrian (Drink My Coffee Founder) to set up a facebook staff group for myself and other distributors to share ideas and support each other.”

Question: “What do you enjoy about working with Drink My Coffee?”

Answer: “I have enjoyed using platforms such as zoom to set up work meetings for the team. I am enjoying promoting and getting the word out about Drink My Coffee on different social media platforms, for example making short videos on TikTok.”

Rohan is doing such an amazing job and we are so proud to be able to support him on his journey. He has been in and out of hospital a few times already this year, for reasons related to dwarfism and maintaining sleep apnea and is also on the list for the covid vaccine next month. We are delighted and grateful to have him on the Drink My Coffee team and look forward to seeing his business grow and his skills continue to develop as Rohan becomes a role model for the New Zealand workforce, or at least he has shown this capability to us.

Follow Rohan’s journey using the links to his dedicated social profiles here:

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