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Hello, my name is Hannah Adams-Vining. I live in a lovely little seaside town called Picton where I was born and raised. I have, over the years, moved away to places like Nelson, Levin and Blenheim but Picton always calls me back home.

My favourite pass times are fishing and boating, swimming and crafts such as flax weaving (harakeke putiputi) and pottery and I particularly like playing cards and board games, cooking and baking and reading a good book.

I am also a real social butterfly so I love spending quality time with my friends and family.

I have always had a soft spot for and I’m good with small children and animals.

Most people my age are set up with jobs and ordinary lives, but having a disability limits these options for me. Most notably I love good coffee and I am excited to have this job opportunity as a Drink My Coffee distributor. Their values are something I am proud to be associated with and - it is great coffee!

I hope you agree and will buy and enjoy your coffee through me in the future.

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